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Development Services



Aria Consulting and Management Inc. has been in the land and property

development business since 2015 in the GTA, and worldwide since 2000 with

projects in France, Turkey and the Middle East.

Our services are divided into “Pre-Construction” and “Construction” and we

closely follow the green rules in both these categories.

Pre-Construction Services

Aria Consulting and Management Inc. has used Pre- construction services in

planning a construction project before the actual construction begins. It is a

modern practice, considered to be part of construction project management,

which is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from

inception to completion aimed at meeting a client’s requirements to produce

a functionally and financially viable project.

Construction Services

We offer a full range of general contracting, construction management and

project management services and specialize in residential and commercial


In addition to general contracting services we provide a full range of

development services focused on site acquisition, site planning, pre-planning,

development budget preparation, project implementation and project

management. We have built our development expertise through an active

involvement with our clients in real estate projects involving major mixed-use

retail projects and commercial buildings.

We are your resource for all programming, design, construction, and

renovation projects at the university that are less than $10 million. We

support and promote sustainability as we manage and carry out our projects.

We strive to serve you with high-quality renovation projects that exceed your

expectations, and we invite you to explore our Web site to learn more about

what we can do for you.

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