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Quality Control and Field Inspection


Aria Consulting & Management Inc. is doing field inspection and oversee construction to make sure the execution field work are comply with Canadian standards and Owner’s Standards, to build Overhead and underground electrical infrastructures and other utilities across the city, including following works but not limited to: 

  • Performing inspection civil/structural construction and installation activities for buildings, equipment foundations, site civil works and oversee the material test

  • Performing inspection of electrical work, erection, installation and energization of medium and high voltage works

  • Reviewing the project documents prior to start of construction, monitoring and verify construction including quality assurance, physical progress, evaluate filed change requests & make recommendations

  • Preparing deficiency lists, non-conforming notices and monitor resolution and disposition of quality-related issues, punch-list and outstanding work to completion of the work and carry out final construction review

  • Reporting on the Constructor’s performance and any violations or deviations from the job requirements to the project manager and contract quality management by providing written daily reports of work quality, site activities & work progresses and ensuring As-Built drawings are generated accurately and in a timely fashion

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